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effective 4/01/2007

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A-005-05: FM deviation, modulation index, deviation ratio, deviation meter

A-005-05-01: In an FM phone signal having a maximum frequency deviation of 3000 Hz either side of the carrier frequency, what is the modulation index, when the modulating frequency is 1000 Hz?





A-005-05-02: What is the modulation index of an FM phone transmitter producing an instantaneous carrier deviation of 6 kHz when modulated with a 2 kHz modulating frequency?





A-005-05-03: What is the deviation ratio of an FM phone signal having a maximum frequency swing of plus or minus 5 kHz and accepting a maximum modulation rate of 3 kHz?





A-005-05-04: What is the deviation ratio of an FM phone signal having a maximum frequency swing of plus or minus 7.5 kHz and accepting a maximum modulation rate of 3.5 kHz?





A-005-05-05: When the transmitter is not modulated, or the amplitude of the modulating signal is zero, the frequency of the carrier is called its:

centre frequency

frequency deviation

frequency shift

modulating frequency

A-005-05-06: In a FM transmitter system, the number of cycles of deviation from the centre frequency is determined solely by the:

amplitude of the modulating frequency

frequency of the modulating frequency

amplitude and the frequency of the modulating frequency

modulating frequency and the amplitude of the centre frequency

A-005-05-07: Any FM wave with single-tone modulation has:

an infinite number of sideband frequencies

two sideband frequencies

four sideband frequencies

one sideband frequency

A-005-05-08: The deviation meter works on the principle of:

a carrier null and multiplying the modulation frequency by the modulation index

detecting the frequencies in the sidebands

the amplitude of power in the sidebands

a carrier peak and dividing by the modulation index

A-005-05-09: When using a deviation meter, it is important to know:

modulating frequency and the modulation index

modulation index

modulating frequency

pass-band of the IF filter

A-005-05-10: What is the total bandwidth of an FM-phone transmission having a 5-kHz deviation and a 3-kHz modulating frequency?

16 kHz

8 kHz

5 kHz

3 kHz

A-005-05-11: What is the frequency deviation for a 12.21-MHz reactance-modulated oscillator in a 5-kHz deviation, 146.52-MHz FM-phone transmitter?

416.7 Hz

12 kHz

5 kHz

41.67 Hz

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