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effective 4/01/2007

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A-002-05: Silicon controlled rectifier (SCR)

A-002-05-01: What are the three terminals of a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR)?

Anode, cathode and gate

Gate, base 1 and base 2

Base, collector and emitter

Gate, source and sink

A-002-05-02: What are the two stable operating conditions of a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR)?

Conducting and non-conducting

Forward conducting and reverse conducting

NPN conduction and PNP conduction

Oscillating and quiescent

A-002-05-03: When a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is triggered, to what other semiconductor diode are its electrical characteristics similar (as measured between its cathode and anode)?

The junction diode

The PIN diode

The hot-carrier diode

The varactor diode

A-002-05-04: Under what operating condition does a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) exhibit electrical characteristics similar to a forward-biased silicon rectifier?

When it is gated "on"

When it is gated "off"

When it is used as a detector

During a switching transition

A-002-05-05: The silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is what type of device?





A-002-05-06: The control element in the silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is called the:





A-002-05-07: The silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is a member of which family?


Phase locked loops



A-002-05-08: In amateur radio equipment, which is the major application for the silicon controlled rectifier (SCR)?

Power supply overvoltage "crowbar" circuit

Class C amplifier circuit

Microphone preamplifier circuit

SWR detector circuit

A-002-05-09: Which of the following devices has anode, cathode, and gate?

The silicon controlled rectifier (SCR)

The bipolar transistor

The field effect transistor

The triode vacuum tube

A-002-05-10: When it is gated "on", the silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) exhibits electrical characteristics similar to a:

forward-biased silicon rectifier

reverse-biased silicon rectifier

forward-biased PIN diode

reverse-biased hot-carrier diode

A-002-05-11: Which of the following is a PNPN device?

Silicon controlled rectifier (SCR)

PIN diode

Hot carrier diode

Zener diode

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